About Us

Our Mission

To contribute towards social justice and women’s rights through piloting innovative initiatives; striving for behavioral change; and action beyond boundaries.

Who We Are

Shirakat is a non-governmental organization working on human rights and women’s rights in Pakistan. The organization is governed by a board of directors including development professionals, gender and human rights activists and behavioral change communication specialists. The board is responsible for policy guidance, management and review of performance of the organization.

Thematic Areas of Work and Strategies:

  • Contributing towards social justice through piloting innovative initiatives for behavioral change beyond boundaries
  • Human Rights, particularly Women’s Rights
  • Violence against women and children
  • Cross sectoral approach focusing livelihoods, health, education and humanitarian action in crisis
  • Peace making and peace building
  • Enhancing forums for dialogue, lobbying, knowledge building and dissemination
  • Piloting innovative initiatives for social change and supporting grassroots organizations for change
  • Engaging and working with boys and men as partners for social justice
  • Communication for change striving protection, prevention and participation
  • Coordination, collaboration and capacity enhancement for collective action
  • Working together for equality and social justice

We believe in:

  • Equal opportunity for men and women irrespective of class, caste, age, ethnicity, culture or religion
  • Transparency, accountability and diversity
  • Active involvement of men, women and children, especially those marginalized and disadvantaged, in development initiatives. Engaging boys and men for
    social justice.
  • Freedom of thought, expression and choice

Make A Donation

Giving a donation to Shirakat can contribute towards social justice through piloting innovative initiatives for behavioral change beyond boundaries

  or call 051-8351155

Our Team

Bilquis Tahira
Executive Director
Saffi Ullah Khan
Program Manager
Salma Hafeez
Program Officer
Bushra Aslam
MEAL Officer
Issa Khan
Sr. Finance & Admin Officer

Our Partners