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Flat 1, Khudadad Heights, E-11, Islamabad

About Shirakat

A just, peaceful and tolerant society where all can exercise their human rights.

Shirakat is a non-governmental organization working on human rights and women’s rights in Pakistan. The organization is governed by a board of directors including development professionals, gender and human rights activists and behavioral change communication specialists. The board is responsible for policy guidance, management and review of performance of the organization.

Community Mobilization
Shirakat promotes gender equality through equal participation of women in social, political and economic activities... More
Engaging Men & Boys for Gender Equality
Shirakat strives for gender justice and equality through active engagement of all segments of society.. More
Raise awareness on importance of education for girls and boys as well child development , physical, emotional, social. Empower parents and enhance their parenting abilities and confidence for effective contribution to their children’s learning achievements
Under the project, Shirakat will organize national consultation with the parliamentarians at the national level with the aim to push for the legislation on ending all gender-based violence.. More

Our Programmes

Our vision is a just peaceful and tolerant society where all can exercise their human rights.

Change Lives with Your Gift

Giving a donation to Shirakat can contribute towards social justice through piloting innovative initiatives for behavioral change beyond boundaries

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