Older People’ Rights

Shirakat is a member of Policy Advisory Group being coordinated by Helpage Pakistan and is engaged in national as well as global level lobbying and advocacy. At the national level the Advisory Group meets every quarter and provides guidance on gaps in legislation, implementation hurdles in enacting legislation. It meets with relevant Public functionaries as well as parliamentarians.

Shirakat has been instrumental in carrying the voice of older persons to the Minister Human Rights on several occasions. Shirakat has also provided technical input to advocacy briefs developed by HelpAge Pakistan and shared the briefs and information with the Ministry of Human Rights regularly. 

Supported by HelpAge International, Shirakat co-produced a video on social protection of older people in Pakistan and participated in two panels at CSW 63 where personal experiences of old age as well as legislative and rights situation in Pakistan was shared with the participants at the forum and the short video documentary was screened.

Video: Social Protection of older people in Pakistan

As a member of Global Alliance on the Rights of Older People (GAROP), Shirakat has had close involvement in two working groups of GAROP – social protection and lifelong learning.

In 2019 Open-Ended Working Group, we lobbied and advocated with Pakistan Mission in New York to support the process globally

Support to older age groups in Islamabad 

Shirakat is supporting 4 older age groups in low income communities in Islamabad. Focus Group Discussions (FDGs) were held with these groups in May and June to identify the problems faced by the age group and ways of providing social suopport.  

 CEDAW 2020

Shirakat has recently submitted a shadow report in advance of Pakistan CEDAW review in Geneva in February 2020 which also focused on older people’s rights.At the national level, we keep in touch with the Ministry of Human Rights so that it keeps human rights of older persons on its agenda.